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Download the Tracktivity app. You can do it either directly from the Apple AppStore or from the footer of this website.
Open the app and sign up for a Tracktivity account with your e-mail and password of choice.
You will receive a verification e-mail to your mailbox, please click on it to verify your account. This will bring you back into the app.
The app will open in Discover where you can see events at Tracktivity Partner Venues within 200 miles (or 200 km) of your location.
Tap on any event that interests you to view the event details page. To get more information about the race track where the event is held, tap on the name of the track.
Tapping on the three red dots in the upper right corner allows you to follow a track. You can follow any number of tracks.
When you follow a track, you will start receiving Race Control messages from this track, including the push notifications.
How do I open an account with Tracktivity?
/ Sign into the app with a valid e-mail address and password of choice
/ An account will be created for you and you will receive a verification message to your e-mail account
/ Click on the link in the verification message to confirm your account.
/ You need to verify your account within 48 hours of opening it or it will be removed for security reasons
/ After the verification you will have access to all features in the app
How do I deactivate my account?
NOTE: Deactivating your account will remove the account information and posts from the application. This action is permanent and cannot be reversed. Reported posts and other account information may still continue to exist on our servers and in backup copies, neither of which are publicly visible or available.

In order to deactivate your account:

/ Tap on the Settings icon in upper left corner of Race Control
/ Tap on Edit My Profile in the PROFILE section
/ From there, select Deactivate account
/ When prompted, answer Yes in order to deactivate your account
/ Your account information will be removed from the application and your account will be deactivated
How do I change my password?
/ Tap on the Settings icon in upper left corner of Race Control
/ Then tap on Edit My Profile in the PROFILE section
/ Select Change password in PRIVATE INFO
/ Type in your Current password, New password, repeat the New password
/ Tap Save in the upper right corner when done

Your new password is now saved.
I forgot my password
/ Tap Forgot password at the log in screen
/ Type your email address into the dialogue box
/ You will receive an e-mail prompting you to re-set your password
/ Press the red Reset Password button in the e-mail
/ Type in your new password and press Change Password
/ Your password will be changed
/ Use your new password to log into the application
How do I invite my friends to join Tracktivity?
/ Tap on the Settings icon in upper left corner of Race Control
/ Invite your friends to Tracktivity by sending them an email
How do I follow a track and what happens when I follow it?
/ Go to the track detailed view, tap on the more (. . .) menu in the upper right corner
/ Select Follow track.
/ The track will be placed into a default search My Tracks in Tracks for easy access
/ You will receive Race Control messages and push notifications from that track
Why are there no messages in my Race Control window?
Either you are not following any tracks yet or the tracks you are following haven't posted any Race Control messages yet.
How do I search for tracks or events?
Search works the same way in both Tracks and Events

/ Tap Search at the top of either Tracks or Events
/ Search by any text or by selecting from the filters on the screen below
/ Run the search by tapping Search on the virtual keyboard
/ View the results
How do I save a search?
/ Run a search
/ Give your search a name and description, tap Save

Your search will be saved and displayed in Tracks or Events for future use
Can't find a track!
/Tap Report missing track button at the bottom of the screen
/ Tap it, fill out the basic details and drop the track location pin on the interactive map

We will locate the track and add it to Tracktivity
I have exported an event into my device calendar. What happens if the event chages date?
When you export an event from Tracktivity into your device calendar, the calendar entry is no longer connected to the Tracktivity content management system. If the event details in Tracktivity change, event details in your device calendar will not change automatically, it is your responsibility to update your device calendar accordingly.
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